PRO1 T721 Heat Pump Thermostat

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Non-Programmable, 2H/1C Heat Pump with 4 Sq. In. Display


  • Blue BacklightGlow In The Dark Light Button
  • Easy Access Battery Compartment
  • Electric or Gas Configurable
  • Separate B & O Terminals
  • Separate Heating and Cooling Swing (Cycle Rate)
  • Adjustments Including 2nd Stage Adjustments
  • Filter Change Indicator (Selectable On or Off)
  • Room Temperature Calibration Adjustment
  • 5 Minute Compressor Delay Protection (Selectable On or Off)
  • Simple Private Label Badge System
  • Easy Wire Color Coded Terminal Blocks
  • Universal Sub-Base
  • Mounts On Wall or Junction Box Battery or 24V Power
  • 5 Year Warranty

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