Drain Line Maintenance is a must!

28th Oct 2021

Clean you drain lines!!

This time of year, as the weather turns ever slightly cooler. It's the perfect time to pay attention to your air conditioners needs. The main and most important need is a good drain line cleaning. Its true, attaching a vacuum to the outside drain will clear it, however its best practice to clean it. We offer drain line cleaner chemicals here at Arctic Supply that will help remove and prevent build up. As the weather cools down, and the amount of water is less being drained there is potential for algae to dry up and become next seasons clog.

You can use a simple solution of 50/50 white vinegar and hot water. Prepare a few cups and then pour it in your drain near the air handler. Let this solution sit for several minutes and then using a wet / dry vacuum you can vacuum the solution out from the drain on the outside of the home. Let the vacuum run for ten minutes and also take a gallon of warm water and slowly flush the drain pipe while the vacuum is running.

This tip may just save you a unwanted service call!