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QwikShot® Refrigerant and Oil Treatment (QT2501) QwikShot® has a unique formulation, which carries unwanted acid and moisture into the filter-drier where the acid, moisture and the QwikShot® are removed. QwikShot® is the only acid treatment on the market guaranteed not to invalidate any equipment manufacturer’s warranty!

  • Guaranteed safe for ALL systems
  • OEM Approved
  • Works with all refrigerants, oils, and filter-driers
  • Produces no residue or contamination
  • One bottle treats up to a 6-ton unit and removes up to 26 drops of moisture!

QwikShot® Instructions for Use
For use with all refrigerants and oils used in air conditioning, heat pump, and refrigeration systems.

Step 1 - Check the System and the Refrigerant for Acid

If the compressor has burned out, change the compressor, refrigerant and oil. While the system is disassembled, flush acid from any components, (except the expansion device, filter-driers and compressor) with Qwik System Flush®. When reassembling the system, change the filter-driers (adding a suction-line filter is recommended to protect the new compressor).

If the compressor has not burned out, and the system is operational, verify the system is properly charged and operating properly, verify superheat or subcooling as applicable, then use QwikCheck® to determine if the refrigerant is acidic

If the refrigerant tests highly acidic (QwikCheck® indicator turns all red), change the refrigerant and oil. Also, change the filter-driers since a high acid level indicates the current filter-driers are no longer functioning.
If the refrigerant tests mildly acidic (some red on the QwikCheck®), then measure the temperature across the liquid-line filter-drier (with the system on) to determine if a new drier is required. A temperature difference of more than 2°F indicates the filter-drier should be replaced. If there is no filter-drier in the system, you must add a filter-drier
If the refrigerant does not test acidic (QwikCheck® indicator stays yellow), go to step 2.
Step 2 - Determine the Amount of QwikShot® to use

Use a half-ounce bottle of QwikShot® to treat up to a 6 ton system. QwikShot® will remove moisture and acid while also reducing sludge formation and wear caused by oil degradation.

Step 3 - Add QwikShot® using a QwikInjector®

Add QwikShot® into a charged and operating system by connecting the QwikInjector® (QT2510) between the high and low-side service ports, connecting to the low side port first. Follow the QwikInjector® instructions. Do not add QwikShot® to a system before the system is evacuated (since the evacuation process will remove all the QwikShot®).

Step 4 - After at Least 16 Hours of Operation, Check the System

For highly acidic systems, after at least 16 hours of operation, you can recheck the system with a QwikCheck®. If any sign of acid remains, repeat Steps 1-3.

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